Inbound into customs twice

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Customs I was reading on another forum that February is the slowest month out of the year to ship things and customs hold onto many packages and don't let them process right away. Has anyone had the same experience? I hope you didn't loose anything. Join Date Oct Posts 1, Never heard of the month of February.

My supplier has mentioned holiday seasons as being slower than the rest of the year. I've never had any problems. Have any of you ordered overseas this month and just stuck in customs? I understand if it gets taken and I receive a letter but nope, nada, nothing so far. Check your PMs. Join Date Apr Posts 29, Have it shipped with chocolate Easter eggs. If it was Feb you could have a nice pink bow. Join Date Nov Location N. Hollywood on Radford Posts 3, It could have something to do with Chinese New Year.

The entire manufacturing side of china shuts down for the better part of a month.Discussion in ' Steroid Forum ' started by M. Jul 25, 1.

How long does package usually sit at US customs?

Jul 25, 2. Your good bro. Jul 25, 3. Lol TMI!! No bro it just means it's in customs. My pct was in customs days. It just takes them awhile. Jul 25, 4. Jul 25, 5. It's just in process. Usually out of customs after one day. Jul 25, 6. Jul 25, 7. Freaking customs make me nervous Very rarely will I use overseas labs just for that reason. And I don't like signing for packages. Jul 25, 8. It's a random check and happens with some packs.

If it's something illegal and takes more than a day to pass reject it. Jul 25, 9. Customs generally just seizes packs. Your local Postal Inspector is the guy who will setup a controlled delivery. Jul 26, Unless they already suspect you are up to no good, it would take some effort to even identify what the powder is.

Most china suppliers will mark a similar looking chem when declaring the package. Remember, china ships millions of legal raw materials a day and they look similar to what your ordering As spectre said, I'd be more worried about your postal clerk getting suspicious than customs. Jul 28, Though our work on this specific audit report has ended and we have closed the comment section on this page, the Office of Inspector General is continuously conducting reviews of lost and delayed mail.

Please visit our home page to view our most recent work. Please help. It was supposed to have arrived at it's final destination Knoxville, TN on February 6th.

Apparently it is still being held there. Why is it so delayed? Is there something wrong with the envelope? Do I need to get a whole new document and ship it again? Thank you for your time, Sara Coelho. If you're unable to get packages out of the ISC the same day, or even the same WEEK, then your entire operation is fraud, waste, and misconduct.

Do I report that here or to the hotline? We pay premium prices to have things shipped, and the foreign carriers always hold up their end of the bargain, then it sits in the New York ISC. This is a prime example of why USPS has been an abject failure.

Last year i had items go through in 2 to 3 days, this seems very strange, if the dang thing is lost i need to file a claim with paypal. Did Godzilla rampage through this place and destroy all the packages or what? The package contains a number of winter clothing, and if USPS does not expedite the process I will no longer be in need of the clothing items - because spring is imminent. Is that the reason that incoming parcels from abroad just sit there?

Why was my package from ISC San Francisco processed twice?

Greetings, I am expecting some cricket equipment shipped from Australia. Does this mean, there's a long list of items to be processed or is it an indication that the package is lost? Please keep us posted or to the least, give us an ETA. Appreciate your time. Thanks, Raghav. People pay for these items and shipping cost to USPS and neither agency seems to care on where these packages go. Something has to be looked into with this facility.

It dosen't work period. I have a package that been n y'all facility for two weeks n haven't moved yet all my other packages arrived expect this particular one I need to no why I haven't received it yet.

My package was delivered at I. C new york I see a lot of complaints on here Australia post claims item have left Australia. Roses are red. Violets are blue. The USPS and customs are holding my wedding ring hostage and I can't understand because what has it ever done to you? She is on week 2 of baton lessons with no baton. Thank you. It's small less than 1kg package contains 2 eye glasses.Log in Sign up.

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inbound into customs twice

Dec 13, Posts. Ok my package has just left customs on 29th but no update since. May 17, 6 Posts. I had 2 packages coming from overseas. One arrived at LA customs on 13th of June and stuck there!!!!!!!!!!! Another one arrived in LA customs on 14 and cleared same day!

Both were coming from the same country! I have been checking few times a day and worrying. What are they doing with my stuff? It is just clothes! Mar 24, 6, Posts Female Retired. Jun 17, 1 Posts. Jul 21, 8, Posts Female. Jan 19, 1 Posts. I've got a question my package has been sitting at US Customs post office for an entire week is this normal. Sep 9, 6, Posts. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?On the tracking status of the item, it says Inbound into Customs, here is what the description says:.

Your item is being processed by United States Customs. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day.

Please check again later. All parcels that enter the US have to pass through customs. The sheer volume of parcels means that many are simply forwarded onto their destinations — so I would not be too concerned. This can be a routine inspection where they actually open your package to check the contents or an inspection where they simply check the documentation attached to the parcel.

Depending on the declared value and type of item, they may charge you duty or tax or both. If this is indeed the case with your parcel, you will be notified of any additional charges by the USPS. I have no idea how long it will take for the shoes to clear customs, and being forwarded to you.

EMS is Chinese express system. I bought stuff from website from time to time. What does Inbound into customs mean and should I be concerned?

And when will I get my item? Answer Save.

Inbound into Customs

Some parcels are also flagged for inspection by a customs officer. Inbound Into Customs. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. It means I'm tearing my hair out waiting for my package! Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Log in Sign up.

inbound into customs twice

Share With Us. Package delayed in US customs Sign up to become a TPF memberand most of the ads you see will disappear. It's free and quick to sign upso join the discussion right now! Our PurseForum community is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Thank you! Oct 4, 9, Posts. Jan 5, 3, Posts. I contacted my post office, who said that they don't track packages after they leave the country and that the recipient should contact their customs office not much help, in other words But I've checked the tracking number again and on my post office's website it still says that it was stopped in customs on the 11th of January, but when I try to track it at USPS' website, it says "Inbound Out of Customs, January 11", but no further information is available.

The last time I sent something for this recipient I was able to track the package until someone signed for it at their doorstep, isn't that how it's supposed to be?? I still do not know whether or not the recipient have received the package since it was a gift.

I know this is the ebay forum, but I figured people here would know the best. Apr 2, 5 Posts. Oct 25, 2 Posts. Good lord, i am having the same problem here. Jul 20, 5, Posts designer. I have the same problem now, my Balenciaga bag is stuck in Customs since Nov.

Actually it's in excellent used condition.

DHL Customs Services: All-in-One Customs Solution

I emailed the sender to fax them the invoice. Customs is closed for the weekend, I will give them a call first thing Monday, hopefully there's no problem. I'm getting sleepless nights because of this.

inbound into customs twice

I don't know if they charge duty for gifts. I've learned a lesson I will never buy anything International again. I had packages from Japan before, I never had this happened. Ellie Mae.

May 24, 10, Posts. So, the parcel LOOKS LIKE it's being held in customs "til hell freezes over" and then one day it just appears at your doorstep and suddenly the tracking says "delivered". I gift wrap, do not insure, and ship DHL. No customs fees. She also claimed that "DHL never loses anything". Take that for what you will. Just passing along the info Mar 5, 20, Posts.

If so, they might confiscate it. Nov 10, 3, Posts. Why can't you contact the recipient to see if they've received the package or been contacted by customs? Jan 17, 1 Posts.By williamyohanApril 24, in General Discussion. After reading lanikai's guide and looking around the forum, it seems it only takes one day for the watch to arrive after "Depart USPS Sort Facility" status.

However, it seems different in my case. Is it normal? I bet it arrives tomorrow. Hi, thanks for the reply I also hope it arrives tomorrow. Was it shipped EMS? If not it could sit there for a couple of weeks. Either way there is nothing to worry about yet.

What does Inbound into Customs mean?

I hope it will arrive soon can't wait for it. Its really confusing when USPS displays the same status over and over again for 4 days, and the facility is only less than 2 miles from my place. Oh the joys of the useless USPS system!! Be patient. It will arrive. But don't ever trust a thing the tracking info tells you. I tracked a package once that said for over a week that it was dropped off for delivery in China. Then one day, it just showed up, but the tracking info still showed that it was being sorted in China.

Hi thanks for the advice Usually, do they need a signature for the parcel or they just leave it in the mailbox? Good thing is it keep me wake up early in the morning. The only thing consistent about the USPS is their inconsistency. If your package is in a trolly and it gets pushed back by others, it can sit for days.

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